UI Suggestion

When trying to use the WHD with limited monitor space, I noticed that the "userLinks" div overlaps the "navigation" div.  

I also noticed that the window is limited to only go down to a width of 454.55px. I changed the 'top: 42px' to 0px on the "userLinks" div and it retains its absolute positioning but looks much better and fits perfectly even when put down to its minimum window width. 

Has this ever been considered or would it ruin the functionality of another page with the same stylesheet?

Thank you for your time,

Austin B.

  • I think you might be on your own appending Cascade Style sheets in this way but worth logging officially with Support to make Development aware.

    Just tried it myself on a narrow monitor which has a Windows Display set to 125% and does make the buttons not overlay other options anymore.

  • Hi Austin,

    You can accomplish this by adding some custom CSS to the existing 'whdStyles.css' file located in <WHDlocation>\bin\webapps\helpdesk\css

    This change is not supported, will require a restart of your help desk to apply, and will be overwritten if you upgrade your help desk at any point.

    This being said, you could inject the CSS into the help desk via your browser, I used a Chrome Add-on called 'User JavaScript and CSS' to successfully test this on your behalf, however this would only apply to users that use this method.

    I have also added media-based scaling, so it covers both the end user portal and the technician portals as to positionit appropriately regardless of which interface you are in.

    @media screen and (max-width: 1250px) {
    	#userLinks {
    		top: -5px;

    Happy Help Desking!

    - Midnight