Integration issues - tickets are not getting created

Hi guys,

We are conducting a PoC with Orion NPM to get a ticket created when a node goes down. The problem with this is that although Solarwinds triggers the alarm and I can see an email in my inbox indicating the problem with the node, nothing gets into WHD.

The way I configured WHD with NPM is that I added my NPM server via "Solarwinds Integration" having WHD Request type as 'Network', then I created a filter whose rule is 'Accept alert' if Severity is equal to 'Critical', this is the simplest alert. On the test I configured Severity -> Critical, hit the button Test and it was successfully tested.


On the NPM alerts we have a critical condition when a node goes down. This sends an email, thus an alert is also created. I am expecting to get a ticket created with a reasonable delay but nothing gets created.

Do you have any suggestion on what to configure or what to check on the WHD side?

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