WHD prompting for sign in when opening files

Hi all, 

I have  strange issue where WHD always prompts me to sign in again when opening a image or file in a ticket. 

Any clues as to what would cause this would be appreciated. 

  • are you using the same URl for each session / link?

    for example your tech is using https://helpdesk:8443 or, but your links to images are https://helpdesk.company.com:8443

    Check your Setup - General - Options - Server DNS Name.


    Check your SSL certificates are valid and in-date for your WHD URL.


    For earlier versions of the WHD (e.g. 12.5.2) there was a option under Setup - General - Authentication - Require Authentication on External Hyperlinks

    For later versions of WHD this option was always on as default, and was removed from the Authentication section of the GUI.

    If you have an earlier version ensure that this is ticked.

    If it's not these, then it might be a bug, depending on the version of WHD....as a upgrade might be needed.

  • I have seen this when using HTTP or not forcing HTTPS as always within Setup > General > Options > Force HTTPS = Always