(Re-setting) CAC Authentication with WebHelpdesk 12.6 and Apache

I recently had to reload the WebHelpdesk software and it broke my CAC Authentication.   I was directed to a KB on Solarwinds site (https://support.solarwinds.com/SuccessCenter/s/article/Configure-Web-Help-Desk-12-2-for-Common-Access-Card-CAC-systems?language=en_US) but:

1.  It references using a "Code.txt" file which I can't find

2.  I couldn't find Waffle 1.7.3 on github.  The current version is 3.1.1 and I believe there were changes brought on by log4j.

3.  The files listed in the Waffle configuration are not the same version numbers (nor can I find the waffle\bin directory).  Some of the files are the same.  Some are newer than the ones in the article and the jar file name is changed.

I normally can figure things out, but I'm stumped.

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