WHD Asset Discovery via WMI missing


We have taken another crack at WHD for our help desk needs and would really like to get the asset management piece working.  When we originally installed WHD a week or so ago we did a WMI scan on a network and found 20 or 30 workstations and laptops.  It gave all details like serial number, mac address, ip, mfg, etc...  We then got brave and decided to have our Solarwinds instance do a network discovery on a few other vlans and it found everything we were expecting.  We then made a connection between WHD and Solarwinds via the NPM connection.  It did not bring over mac address and some other info so we figured we would start fresh again.  We deleted all of the assets via the Asset tab in the GUI.  We then ran our original scan to find the 20 or 30 workstations/laptops and it says it discovered them and collected data on all of them but the Asset page is not populating the results.

After extensive research, someone mentioned that all the assets are still there they are just marked with a "1" in the deleted column and that we needed to update that column to "0" because the asset it found again is marked as deleted when it syncs with existing assets.  Sooo we changed the value to "0" and all of our assets reappeared in the GUI.  We purposely added a brand new laptop to the network and did a test.  The discovery connection discovers the asset and collects data but never populates the Asset page.

We then preceded to run a delete command on the Asset table to start fresh with no assets in the table.  Same results, it discovers the assets, collects data on them, but never populates the Asset table therefore the GUI Asset page never populates.

We have the embedded Postgres database.

Any ideas?  We don't mind using Solarwinds to discover assets, we just need more info that what it's finding.



  • I use Lansweeper and create a SQL query within Lansweeper reports of all the fields you want to import into the WHD. Then use a Table View within the WHD Asset Discovery connector to bring in the assets using the serial number as a key field, and not use the built in WHD Lansweeper connector. This works for me with >6000 devices.. You'll have a bit more control of your data and the import.

  • Thanks Percy, we were hoping to minimize the amount of apps/programs we need to manage this stuff.  We actually have a lansweeper license that is expiring because we switched back to WHD.  We loved lansweeper for it's ability to find endpoints but their help desk wasn't as robust as we wanted and not as easy to customize.

    We have network performance monitor and IPAM from solarwinds.  IPAM pulls in the mac address because it's hitting DHCP but is there anything we can do with these two programs to help streamline assets into WHD better?

  • Jay,

    You should be able to pull in and Sync your Assets into WHD from SW NPM using the procedure as shown here:



  • Thanks Pabely, we are able to sync with NPM with no problems at all and it brings assets over to WHD.  The issue with NPM is that it isn't really pulling anything useful for us to use.  Even with WMI settings configured in NPM it's only pulling things like Windows 10 and IP address.  We could really use things like serial number, mac address, etc...

  • Hum, looking at the Attribute Mapping Tab I cannot se those exposed as readable from the Orion DB. 

    I think your best bet would be to log the questions with Solarwinds Support in case they have something creative, sounds like a limitation - maybe use a Table View and get WHD to read off that.....as @percyplant suggested

  • After working with support, our issue was related to certificates.  We had a valid certificate for our WHD server, however, our local domain CA was not listed in WHD's list of approved CA's.  We never received errors related to this but once we added our domain controller (local CA) to WHD's list of CA's via portecle it listed the assets that it was discovering.