WHD 12.7.8 email attachment links not working for Client Admin

Hello all, We recently upgraded from WHD 12.7.5 to 12.7.8 due to the recent security advisory. With that we seem to have a new issue that when an individual that is setup as a locations client admin can no longer click on the attachment links in the email notifications they receive. When they do, they are presented with the following:

If they navigate to the ticket via the actual website as a client admin and click to download the attachment they can download it with no issue. I've already verified the link is valid and the Server DNS Name is set properly. Has anyone else out there in the community experience this yet?

Location Client admin permissions:

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  • Another thought, within the Client UI, where they see the attachment from the History Tab, are they clicking on the attachment symbol or selecting the Request and selecting from the right hand pane?

    Finally, you may (or may not) be aware you can have the Client UI open a new Browser Tab when selecting the Request, and from that you get a much better view of the Request (and any attachments) - I wish the Tech UI had such a thing!