Can't add my SSL certificate

Hi friends,

Anyoe can help me with this problem?

When try add new cert in "Upload an existing certificate into the keystore" PKCS#12.

The operation lasts forever and ultimately does not work

My version is 12.7.4

Anyone know where I can download 12.7.6?

Thx for answer

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  • No, my support license expired a long time ago...

    I already tried both Portecle and Keystore Explorer but something's not right...I do the procedure and all goes fine but the WHD just won't assume the SSL Wildcard Certificate (even when I go see the properties of the new keystore with Keystore Explorer, the info I get it's from the new certificate, but when I start WHD it keeps showing the old one that already expired...I don't know, it's strange).

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