Incoming Gmail account "Authentication Failed" Issue

I am running 12.6 - Build # and at least once a day I get an error for 1 out of the 3 Incoming Mail Accounts that are all set exactly the same with imap gmail with SSL Port 993 saying Authentication Failed. But the password is entered correctly and it will work most of the day but at random times fail. I have the allow less secure apps setting in Gmail turned on already and the other two gmail accounts never throw this error and have the same settings just a different email address. Here are screenshots of the setup and the error I get. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Authentication failed is sometimes a generic response that WHD reports when it isn't actually a credential issue.  You may need to reach out to Gmail to get a more accurate error from their side.  Upgrading and going to the modern auth for gmail may also help.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. I was not aware of modern auth for Gmail. I tried researching and not coming up with much. Are you talking about 2-factor authentication? Does WHD support that as I only see forums about Office 365 modern auth and WHD?

  • Not sure if this might help but saw this note in our software for 12.7.4

    What's New in Web Help Desk 12.7.4

    • OAuth 2.0 integration with Google Gmail
      You can now create an incoming mail account and link the account with your Gmail account using Google Console as a credential provider. After you complete and test the configuration, Web Help Desk can access the Gmail account using Open Authentication (OAuth) 2.0, retrieve the incoming email, and generate a new ticket using the data in the email.