Custom Extension/Plugin/Widget

I am interested in if it is possible to make an extension, plugin, widget (whatever you want to call it) to add functionality to Web Help Desk without modifying the core code base.

I want to build a custom dashboard and know HTML, CSS, JS, and SQL, etc. I can do this as another application that reads from the same "whd" PostgreSQL database, or I could make it part of the existing web help desk GUI. If it is possible to do that latter, I would prefer that way first.

  • I have found the directory in the installation for \bin\webapps\helpdesk\components\widgets that has the 3 widgets for the dashboard. I am wondering if I can copy one of these and modify it to what I need and if that will work. Might be worth a trial and error test of theory if no one else weighs in on this thread. I can then enable the dashboard for all technicians and then they can see the different custom widgets I make there.

  • I don't believe there is a lot you can modify in the system itself, but you could use the API to build something external.

    I can't find the article that talked about it right now, but if you are using the embedded database, you can set it up to allow access from external sources or if the app runs locally on the same server, it may already have the potential to connect to the database by default.

  • We use postgresql as the backend db for whd. I already opened it up to my subnet and have built some custom reports directly through pgadmin. This confirms my next step of action to add a intranet dashboard application that communicates directly to the API/db. Mostly though the db, because even the api seems to be limited in what it can do reporting tech time by notes instead of by ticket.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • The API does limit the amount of data that can be accessed.  Here is a screenshot of a DB schema crawl(of an older version but still pretty relevant) in case you needed it for reference.