WHD mobile app does not connect after update to 12.7.5

After updating to 12.7.7, techs get one of two error messages.  

Error, Authentication Needed

Invalid Credentials.

Parents Reply
  • Don't care about how the app looks. 

    It's a convenience thing.  With the web app, you need to be actively monitoring it. With app and push notifications on, we get a tone and vibrate each time a new ticket is opened.  We have a small support staff constantly on the move across multiple locations.  The app allows us to stay on top of issues while accomplishing other tasks.  We don't need to hover over a web app to know when our employees have issues.  

    We went to WHD over 7 years ago when we had 2 people in the I.T. Department primarily because they had an app and others didn't.  

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