WHD doesn't recognize cert when using FQDN

I generated two certificate requests for the web help desk server. One for the host server and the other for WHD which is running on it. I submitted both to the certificate authority and received the new certificates. Using portecle, I was able to create a new keystore with the proper certs and key pair. When I try to access the FQDN of the host server with port 8443 to get to WHD, I get an unsecure site message on all browsers but can accept with an exception. When I access the WHD using the IP:8443, it shows up as a secure site. Anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem? I am at a loss and support says it has something to do with the network???

Thank you in advance for all assistance that is provided.

  • How to generate CSR and import the certificate

    Take a backup of the original Keystore.jks file first.

    1. Launch Portecle, it's located within your Web Help Desk installation folder.
    2. File > New Keystore... > JKS
    3. Tools > Generate Key Pair... > set the Key Algorithm to 'RSA' and Key Size to '2048'
    4. Set the Signature Algorithm to 'SHA256withRSA' and Validity to '365'
    5. Fill in the necessary information (The Common Name must be your help desk URL)
    6. Click OK
    7. Set the alias to 'tomcat'
    8. Set the password to 'changeit'
    9. Right-click the keypair and select 'Generate Certification Request'
    10. Go to your CA and upload the CSR
    11. Once that is done, you should be able to download your certificate files
    12. Back to Portecle, Go to "Tools" and select "Import Trusted Certificate".
    13. Save Keystore
    14. Restart Web Help Desk

    For wildcard certs

    1. Launch C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\Portecle.bat (run as Administrator).
    2. Open C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf\keystore.jks.
    3. Right click on "tomcat" and select "Delete".
    4. Go to "Tools" and select "Import Key Pair".
    5. Must set "alias" to "tomcat".
    6. Save the keystore file.
    7. Restart WHD services.