WHD backup not working

Hi All, I am getting this error after updating the password for WHD any idea what happened? 

Backup command returned exit code 1:<br/> <br/> <font color='red'>pg_dump: [archiver (db)] connection to database &quot;NNSWassets&quot; failed: FATAL: &nbsp;database &quot;NNSWassets&quot; does not exist <br/> </font>

Many thanks 

  • Are you using the embedded database?  If it is using an embedded DB, is your database named NNSWassets or is it still WHD?  I am seeing something similar in another environment where it seems like if you change the default user for the database for the added security, it breaks the backup script because it is replacing the username in place of the DB name for some reason the pg_dump that is coded on the back end.

  • Hey sorry for the late reply I wasn't expecting anyone to get back to me! I ended up reverting to the original WHD database. The technician who looked at the issue was not able to resolve it either, I am having a session with him tomorrow I'll post back here if resolved . To answer your question yes I am using the embedded database