12.7.6 Release Date


Technical support mentioned that a date field bug will be fixed in version 12.7.6. However, they were uncertain as to when this version will be released and recommended that I submit an inquiry here.

Does anyone have a release date for version 12.7.6?

Thank you!

  • Hello, since we updated WHD to version 12.7.4 (also in 12.7.5) the characters used in the Spanish language are failing for example the letter "ñ", the accents used in words like (colaboración, acción, sesión) are also failing because of the character " ´ ", the sign to open a question "¿" is also part of the failure, also the words that have umlauts " ¨ " like (pingüino or ambigüedad).
    It has really become a headache, failure in the administration and presentation of surveys, also when exporting files in TSV.

    Anyone else with this problem? Do you know how to fix it?

  • Upgrade to WHD12.7.6 as this seems resolved as per the Release Notes

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