It's really sad to see the update cadence of their new Service Desk (SWSD) product vs. Web Help Desk. There are MONTHLY updates to that product while WHD averages one update a YEAR! :( 2021_release_notes.htm

Too bad they can't seem to find the resources to put into WHD.

  • Does Service Desk basically have all the modules of WHD but more?  Anyone have experience with Service Desk? 

  • It shouldn't be that surprising, Samanage already had over $1.5 mil in monthly recurring revenue before SW bought them and I'd hope they've grown that number since they got it.  I'd be surprised if WHD brings in that much revenue in a whole year considering that I was a SW consultant for 5 years and can count the number of customers I ran into using WHD my fingers.  Likewise the SWSD license that would be the most direct equivalent of WHD costs about 30% more per technician and their enterprise license is nearly triple the cost.

    If WHD fits your use case then its a cost effective solution for what it does.  For those who are hoping for something more then SWSD is probably the tool I would expect to get the lion's share of future development since it's a money maker.

  • Service Desk (SD) is a cloud based ITSM solution that has much more functionality and modules than what WHD have, for example Service Catalogs, CMDB, Change managements, Problem management and Release management are modules that only exist in SD. See more info here:

    You can start a free trial, with full product functionality online here.

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    I am part of the product management team that is responsible for both WHD and SWSD, therefore I would like to share few facts about the two products:

    SWSD is a SaaS based product that follows continuous deployment process, therefore, it has ~2 releases per month and all customers are automatically using the latest and greatest version.

    WHD is an on-premise product that has either quarterly releases, or every 6 months, each customer can choose if to upgrade to the latest version or not.

    SWSD development head count is bigger than the WHD one and therefore has more new feature velocity, however SWSD product is richer (functionality wise) than WHD and it supports more ITIL modules (see more info here), therefore its head count is spread over more areas.

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  • I'm not sure I agree with the statement that WHD gets updates quarterly/semi-annually.

  • Starting with 12.7 releases they have been better, which is good, but it's mostly been (long needed) back-of-house updates and not improvements to the functionality or any of the long requested features.

  • I'd be happy to spend more money on WHD if there was real development effort put into it. It doesn't have to be as expensive (or as feature rich) as SWSD. But it would be great if there was movement on some of the long requested features.

    IDK, maybe they polled customers and most people are happy with the product as is and don't want any improvements and prefer to have it be as cheap as possible. I'd prefer to have a little higher renewal rate and see real advances in the features and capabilities. But it's a chicken egg situation now. I'm not paying more until they have a track record of improvement and they probably won't invest in the product because it doesn't generate enough revenue.