Built-In tools WHD Assets - any add-ons available?

Relatively new to WHD, on the Assets side of things. (the following may sound like it belongs in "Feature Requests", but I'm searching for guidance on what can be done with the Assets side of WHD.

I'm looking for any add-ons or tools available to better use the product, and looking through the forums, I'm not finding obvious hits. Maybe using wrong search terms, who knows.

The point is, I see folks talking about directly accessing the DB (SQL? ... SWSQL?), things like that, but not pointers as to what to use (tools?).

What we're looking for is (and this is for ASSETS in WHD)...

- An alert or notifications (email?) that tells me an asset has been changed.

- Ways to modify emails from assets alerts that seem to be built-in (for example, when support or service alerts are sent due to warranty/service expirations... changing the wording is the goal)

- A report that will format output much like a spreadsheet (and doesn't have to be formatted like when you export to spreadsheet, for better reading, and logical groups, filters, etc)... reports available and custom seem to focus on quantities and locations, and I can't seem to find something that just lists assets with selected columns next to it.. I'm talking built-in.. I know I can format things the way I like them once I export).

- Some guidance on accessing the database itself, outside of WHD that is.

I know this is a long list, but its my first time, and these are my current WHD asset knowledge goals. (I will take the WHD training, but it seems more focused on tickets that assets/inventory).

ANY guidance is much appreciated.  Thanks!