How to set a ticket to change status after a given time?

I would love to put tickets on hold until a future date, for example

"We have a meeting in room A1 on July 7th and would like someone to attend."

So I want to change the status to "On-hold" so this ticket disappears from my open tickets until the July 6th, then have it automatically revert to Open status so it reappears in my queue.

Has anyone found a way to make WHD do this?

  • I have not done this but looks like you can do this possibly with an Action Rule.  Create a custom field called Meeting Date and assign to that Request Type, then create an Action rule and in Criteria tab select Custom Field, select Meeting Date and then see what option works best, maybe "Within the Last" 1 Business Days.  Then on the Action choose Change Status.   Problem is how to trigger that Action Rule as the ticket will not be updated when it is on hold.  You can create a task and i see you can schedule it to run every day but that would create new tickets I believe, not run your action rule.  So not sure in the end if it can automate like that.

  • You can't control a ticket status using a time based event, as there are no back tasks that manage tickets that way, only Action Rules, which only runs when someone updates or edits a ticket. I'm made a request many years ago for time based processes, but you might have better luck contacting them.

  • Only other thing might be to use the Due Date section on the ticket, not sure if that will prompt you.  Or maybe the Schedule Date section on ticket, you can sync that to your Outlook calendar so it will show there.  Again not sure if it warns you like other calendar events in Outlook but maybe something to play with.

  • This is the best option available. The outlook option doesn't do reminders but at least you have something on your calendar. I think there have been several requests for something like this over the years but since they can even release items they say their working on, I wouldn't put much hope in new features. 

  • Hi, CChambers, Leos, and Percy, 

    You've confirmed my suspicions, not having a service or Daemon in the background that looks for triggers without needing a ticket action is a big inhibitor. 

    Thank you for your time replying.

    Kind regards,


  • The only way I can think to do this is by having the logic sit outside of WHD and have it done via the API. Create a field for "scheduled status date" and then maybe one for "scheduled status" then have a script run everyday at midnight to find anything with a scheduled status date <= today and update it to the scheduled status and clear those fields so it won't be in the next run. That's how I would do it.