column mismatch error

Greetings fellow Thwackers!

Hoping someone can advise me o this while I wait for support to replicate the error in a test environment. 

I receive the below error when attempting to import assets into WHD. The error does not happen with every line on the asset import template 

**Line 2: Value provided for field Warranty Type exceeds maximum width of 60 characters. (Value provided = Inogeni SDI to USB Capture Card - P Card Purchase Scott Huxley already approved - $738 EACH NORTH TOWER<br>**

Now there isn't anything in the Warranty Type column so WHD is trying to put the text from the Notes column in there.. 

Weirder still if I delete the contents of the notes field WHD then tries to put the content of the Cost column in the Audit date column... 

Line 2: Error while parsing Audit Date: Unable to parse date from '476.00'.<br> {'2948', 'Peripheral', 'n/a', 'n/a', '', 'Received', 'SD1947083 SD1947291', '', 'Capture Card', '', 'Grafton Base Hospital', '', '3/2/20', '2948', 'Unknown', '$1', '476.00', '', '', '', '', ' ', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '776527', '776527', ''}<br> <br>

I can delete  Line 2 and import other lines OK. This would be a "solution" except there is 100s ....


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