WHD Ticket#

Is there any way to create a Barcode version of the WHD# - we have over 5k tickets and we have to ship to and from the schools and it would make it easier for all involved when processing our maintenance tickets if we can scan the WHD# instead of typing them 1 by 1 on our maintenance tickets?  Please advise.

  • There are definitely ways to create a barcode version of your WHD#. One option could be to use a barcode generator tool to convert your ticket numbers into barcodes, then you can print them out and use a barcode scanner to read them when processing your maintenance tickets.
    Another option is to use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool like Smart Engines OCR. With OCR, you can scan and recognize the text from your tickets, then use the tool to convert the text into barcodes. This way, you can keep everything digital and minimize manual typing.