WHD Version 12.7.4 Request Types out of order

Upgraded to Version 12.7.4 and now all service request types are out of order. I manage 2 environments, this occurred in both environments after the upgrade. Has anyone else experienced this and how can i resolve it?

  • Here is the information which we were given in response to our support ticket:

    The Advancement team indicated that it is a bug that is currently being investigated. Please rollback to 12.7.3

    Directions to roll back to version 12.7.3:

    Personal note: This information was given to us by a SolarWinds tech but use at your own risk! 

    1. Stop WHD
    2. Take a backup of:
    - Database
    - <WebHelpDesk>\conf

    NOTE: Place these backups OUTSIDE of the default location. The default location is deleted when the application is uninstalled. We didn't think to do this and we lost our backup!

    3. Connect to the database and run the following queries
    delete from DATABASE_INFO
    where version = ’12.7.4’;

    delete from DATABASE_VERSION
    where version = ’12.7.4’;

    4. Uninstall WHD
    5. Install WHD 12.7.3
    6. Connect to to database
    7. Replace the following files from the backup taken above
    <WebHelpDesk>\conf\keystore.jks (or whichever file has the certificate keypair)

    8. Restart WHD (Be sure to right click and run as Admin)

  • Thanks Scott! I opened a support ticket on this as well, they told me this bug should be resolved in 12.7.5 or 12.8 but no ETA :( 

  • Solarwinds employees are not allowed to provide ETAs as it might have legal implications.

    I can confirm however that this bug was already fixed and is part of our upcoming version (12.7.5) that will be available in the near future.

    Best Regards,

    Amir Banet

    Part of the the ITSM Product management team

  • Hi

    Thanks for the update, this is stopping a few customers from upgrading to WHD12.7.4 now as it affects all Techs and is a big headache for them.

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