WHD Version 12.7.4 Request Types out of order

Upgraded to Version 12.7.4 and now all service request types are out of order. I manage 2 environments, this occurred in both environments after the upgrade. Has anyone else experienced this and how can i resolve it?

  • At my company we've actually noticed that this Request Type sortation problem exists within advanced searches and report filters. We ended up installing the 3 hotfixes that were available to us, this morning, and it didn't solve either of our issues. We just submitted a support ticket for SolarWinds to address the problem.

  • Thanks for updating us Scott. I won't want to upgrade until this is fixed. It would be a nightmare for us.  Crazy they introduce this bug and can't resolve in 3 hotfixes.   I am starting to fade into the crowd that is inpatient with the lack of any progress on this product.

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