Help with importing via Excel documents

Hey all,

My company currently has a data base of all its iPad assets we have through a 3rd party, I have been tasked to pull the information from their site and import it into our version of Web Helpdesk, however it doesn't seem to be liking it very much.

I go into Setup > Import > Import Asset and I have already renamed / rearranged all of my spreadsheet to match the template given via the "Download Template" and it worked, well sorta. It gives me an error message saying it needed an asset type, which caused further confusion when I go into "Assets" and the assets it 'errored' on are in the list (only half of the information though).


The error message looks as follows, I have had to use my 'amazing' paint skills to remove DPA related info but I can assure the information doesn't contain any 'special' characters or any unneeded spaces before or at the end of the information either (Checked that when I read through 20+ articles from the old support site).


What causes me further confusion is it is giving that line "2 and 3" are related to the same person, even though within Excel it is all on line 2, the information it is 'failing' on for line 3 is the half of the information that is missing from the first import and line 2 is what is already imported (hence the "Asset Number is already taken" error). I have tried deleting all of the assets and trying again, but yet again, only get half information and errors on line "3", all of the 200+ asset lines are the same.

Any ideas? It seems to be splitting the one line of information in 2 and then erroring on the latter half.

Thank you all in advanced emoticons_happy.png.