Web Help Desk 12.2 Won't edit existing FAQ's that had any kind of formatting

When trying to edit a FAQ the pre-dates the 12.2 upgrade the screen locks up and it just spins busy but never allows you to open it and update it.  It seems to only happen on FAQ's that contained formatted text like bullet list etc...  Has anyone else come accross this?

  • I've never seen this. It can be environmental, but best would be if Engineering will look into it. Can you please open a support ticket for this, so we can dive into it asap? You can do it via Submit a Customer Service or Technical Support Ticket - SolarWinds. Thanks!

  • We have also encountered this issue, jmcsparin...we have not found any work-arounds yet.
    It is indeed linked directly to formatting; we have no issues with plain text FAQs.

    Update Feb 4, 2015:
    SolarWinds (Luis Leandro Napone) has confirmed that this is a "known issue" and will be fixed in an upcoming update.
    No ETA has been provided at this time.

  • This is (still?) an issue in v12.6 in 2018.

    Have opened a support ticket (referencing this discussion!) and if necessary will update here.

    I have found a potential workaround of sorts. It is possible to select the FAQ (checkbox) and export (as TSV, for example), then edit the source (carefully) to remove the problem (good luck) and then carefully import it (from Setup > Data Import).

    I managed to correct some incorrect markup tags this way (and was then able to edit using the regular v12.6 FAQ editor)

    I'd suggest the fix would be something like "if a watchdog timer triggers, switch to <source> editor view (and alert the tech)"