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WHD Installation Initialization from localhost only

Hello, I am looking for a way to bypass the WHD installation initialization from the localhost only.

Question: How can I setup a Linux server without a GUI and complete the initialization on http://localhost:8081?

On a server install of Linux without a GUI/browser it appears to be impossible to set it up. I tried LYNX but that didn't work. Do I have to install a GUI just long enough to run the first setup? Is there another work-around for this?


  • The only way I can think of to do this without installing a GUI would be to use SSH forwarding.

    • Enable SSH forwarding on your SSH server (if necessary)
    • Install PuTTY on your Windows machine (or use ssh on your Linux desktop)
    • Set up a port forwarding scheme in PuTTY that will forward local port 8081 to   ( is relative to the remote SSH host)
    • Open the SSH connection and login.
    • Open your browser to and you should get the WHD setup!
  • You may certainly do these (service webhelpdesk stop):

    1. Stop WHD after install

    2. Edit the file /usr/local/webhelpdesk/conf/whd.conf and look for the line below:


    and set it to:


    3. Save the file and start WHD (service webhelpdesk start)

    If you are done with the initialization, you can revert the changes above with the "PRIVILEGED_NETWORKS="