CAS 2.0 SSL Validation Failure 12.7.1

Server/host: Windows server 2019

CAS 2.0: Remote server

Database: sql_server

Traffic is behind F5.

Note: This is a test environment, and the settings here are mirroring the production environment.

Below is part of the error I pulled from the logs.

ERROR [2020-03-04 10:26:10]<http-nio-8081-exec-6> Received fatal alert: handshake_failure Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

At every login attempt, the connection to my CAS server times out. 

I know for sure that the certificate is still valid (doesn't expire until 2021)

At one point I was able to log in, but the page failed back to the Web Help Desk login prompt. However, while here, I can only login with one cached local admin account.

I had Solarwinds support get an attempt at it, but the solution they provided details deploying a local CAS server, following instructions Deploy SSO with CAS 2.0