Trying to create a student tech user who does not have access to all tickets

Hi All,

I am trying to create a user account for a student tech user who needs to be able to see only the tickets assigned to them. A lot of times there are tickets with sensitive info that we do not want the student tech to have access to. I have tried limiting their permissions to almost nothing but they can still access the search button which ultimately will list all the tickets. Is there a way around this or is this just a gaping hole in the permissions/security. The solarwinds helpdesk person I talked to seemed to think it was the latter but I am sure I am not the first person to come across this issue. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance...


  • Woud that help if you create a location group for these guys, limit them to this group and also create a permission with the limitation to location group?

  • You can set permissions in the Tech Permissions in Setup for Limit to Assigned Tech Group or like peter mentioned maybe try to limit by location or department, that is in the Tech Permissions also.  Only other thing is to just make them Clients, not Techs and make them the Client of these tickets.  They can add notes and change status of tickets from the Client side or from emails.