Populate custom fields from incoming email

I know for incoming email accounts that the email subject is the ticket subject and the email body is the ticket request detail.

Is it possible that this behaviour be overriden and the email body be parsed for data to be put into fields instead of being dumped into the request detail?

  • Hi slickrickjr​,

    This is not possible using the out of the box features, in fact this isn't even a default option in any way shape or form.

    This is however, possible if you use the RESTful API or putting some logic in place during the email receipt to format the email in a specific way.

    Note that if you do use either of the above, it will need to be specified as to what section or definition should match to what field so the help desk knows what data should be going where. This is not supported and is quite finicky to get working appropriately and any upgrade to the help desk could potentially break it if the API, data connection or email functions change in any way.