Can we have a discussion about update rollouts?

It seems that we got more frequent updates prior to Web Help Desk joining SolarWinds. Is it possible to change update development to a system more like what Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do where they are introducing new features once they are ready rather than the way Microsoft Internet Explorer is doing it where they introduce a bunch of new features with each major release? Seems like the entire community would benefit from such a release model.

I create this thread with the idea of opening dialogue between the developers and customers. Maybe something like this just isn't possible. Maybe it is. I don't know, but it'd be nice to hear what others think.

P.S. Can someone please, PRETTY PLEASE!!! update the online demo to the latest version when these releases are made so that we can see what changes have been made and how these features are working so that we can provide feedback without affecting our production environments. It's a question that's been asked in the old  forums before and that I've asked in this new forum without a response from anyone in SolarWinds. It's like the one question that gets avoided:

  • To point at historical release data of SolarWinds products, we will generally see two major releases a year, interspersed with a variety of service releases and hotfixes. While this is a ways from the near-daily builds of Mozilla, we do address and release fixes for any critical issues ASAP. As of the other day the demo had been updated to the lastest version (11.2.1):  It may not always be updated to account for service releases, but will reflect changes in major releases going forward.