WHD version info and User Guide

My company is currently using Web Help desk Version Lite to manage it's IT Support tickets, and my department utilse the application through a specific Tech group to manage inbound/outbound calls and enquiries for our field staff.

I am currently undertaking a review of our processes and systems, and staff in my phone support team have complained of a lack of training in the fuctionality of Web Help Desk (they're not techies!)

Would anyone know if there are any manuals available for our version (Version Lite), and if there would be any specific benefits in our business upgrading to a more recent version?

  • I am not sure about finding an old manual.

    But upgrading to V11 would get you the ability to use a dashboard for ticket activity and some nice pie charts to see ticket status. Techs can log in as users with the same ID easier if you use approval processes. You have action rules that allow you to do things like automated emails or adding approvals using. Color codes names for techs in the interface. The abiltiy to use a built in CSS editor for the client side of the interface, and a rest type API.