Disable Client side notifications for specific user/email address

One of the emails we receive tickets from in our help desk is another help desk.  We are looking for a way to disable the client side notifications of "New Open Ticket" or "Ticket has been closed" etc.. just for them, while keeping it alive for everything else.  I tried creating a separate tech group, with a separate email address and unchecking the Request Type from the "Open" email template, but they still seem to send.  I'm not sure if there is a round about way of doing this, but I am open to any suggestions on this one!  Pretty new to the Web Help Desk system right now.

  • there is a setting in each Client record that can disable email for them.  one sec...   yep here it is:

    Block WHD E-Mail to Client
    If checked, e-mail intended for this Client will be blocked, regardless of the e-mail settings on Tickets that might be assigned to that Client, etc.

    Hmmm.. but if you want to turn it off just for certain *actions* for that client and not for all mail to that client.... i'm not sure that that is possible.     perhaps in that case you could set up a server side rule on your mailbox to drop mails for that email account with particular subjects?

  • I'd rather it not respond at all, than keep opening close tickets so this will be perfect. 

    Thank you!

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