Possible to not allow techs to assign to 1 specific tech?

A little explanation of our setup to start:

We have tech groups with various levels, but the first level is the help desk because we want all requests routed through the help desk first then sent to whatever team is appropriate. The help desk level is set to be auto-assigned to one of the techs, but there are no techs scheduled from 11pm-5am. Some of our clients will create tickets during that time, but being outside the tech schedules, those tickets were then escalated to level 2 and left unassigned (that level isn't supposed to auto-assign) so they were missed.

Our current workaround for this problem is to have a tech named Help Desk that is in the help desk level and whose schedule is listed as 11pm-5am to catch those tickets and send an alert to me as an admin. Because this account is basically only to be used as a backup, we'd like to make it so that techs cannot choose Help Desk if they are reassigning the tech.

We don't want to move it to its own level if possible so we'd like to be able to just limit techs' reassignment. (We also have a couple techs that we'd like to only be allowed to be assigned to by an admin, not just any tech.)

If there's a way to do this, please let me know. If not and anyone has any better workaround suggestions, we'd appreciate them as well.

  • I think you should be able to this using an action rule, something like if level1, ticket updated by X,Y & Z tech and tech is 'helpdesk' then un-assign it by assigning to a new tech group with a disabled tech inside, still within the same action rule, assign it back to the level 1 tech group again, which will blank the tech for that ticket.

  • The problem is that we don't want the tech to be blank. That's why we have the generic tech there, to catch the tickets our stores open between 11pm-5am when the techs aren't actually available. We just don't want to allow anyone to be able to choose that "tech" sepecifically.

  • That's what the action should be doing. It should check who is editing the ticket and trying to assign it to your generic tech, and make it blank again.

    If the ticket was created out of hours then auto assign will kick in and that will bypass the action rule.