Request Detail blank when Orion alert creates a ticket


I've been running into a problem lately with some of the alerts I am creating.  For the most part the tickets are created just fine, and have all the information, but I have a few alerts that create a ticket without a request detail.  This causes some glitchiness that we have to work around; we can't save the ticket until we manually enter the request detail, and when we do add the request detail the ticket has a tendency to lose it and demand we enter a request detail again.

I've tried copying the variables in the 'Alert Integration' section of the alert from a working alert over to one of the alerts that is not working, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Does anybody know if there is a specific variable in the alert that Web Help Desk looks for and uses to create the Request Detail, or if there is a variable or other option in alerts that messes up the Request Detail?  Or is there an option somewhere in Web Help Desk to have it auto-fill the Request Detail based off another field?


  • Here's the deal - just struggled with this for weeks and through trial and error I have determined there are two relevant fields for the Alert Integration with WHD: message and 'Status Description'

    message = imputed value based on the fields defined in the Alert Integration.  It concatenates the Alert Subject with the Alert Message.  This comes through as the ticket Subject.  
    Subject Detail - any filed you define as subject detail.  I actually don't pass anything as Alert Message and rename by Alert Message from the Trigger Action tab as Subject Detail here.  I cram my triage info in here and reuse this in the ticket creation and in emails.