Incoming email


Is there a way I can accept emails for tickets already in the system without creating new tickets for new items?  I see that there is a "When ID in Subject Is Not Recognized" item that says either "Reject E-mail" or "Create new ticket".  But, when I choose Reject E-mail, it still creates a new ticket for an unrecognized e-mail.



  • I've seen this happen before too. I've always assumed it's because it's treating the email like a separate request where it simply doesn't even recognize that there is an ID in the subject field. I've seen this happen more commonly when a client will respond from another email account. Not much to go by, but I have seen it before.

  • I have found the answer.  There are actually three places that you need.  You can find the settings here.

    If you are wanting to introduce users to a helpdesk system that were not
    using one then email integration is a quick way to do that. I agree with KaoS -
    it certainly degrades the quality of info both in identifying the correct issue
    and also with subsequent ticket history and problem resolution. And, as
    joel.gibby said, using the web interface for ticket creation and enabling email
    updates to existing tickets would be preferred.

    How about this setup:

    <li> Under Setup>Email>Options, check "Create Ticket Notes From
    <li> Under Setup>Email>Incoming Mail Accounts, uncheck
    "Enable E-Mail Tickets"
    <li> Under
    Setup>Ticket>Options>Clients Can Create Tickets Using, check "Web
    Interface" and uncheck "E-Mail"