Updating tickets via email

I apologize if I’m asking something that everyone else knows or is documented somewhere that I haven’t immediately found, but I am looking for a list of values that can be used in the subject of an email to change a ticket. Thanks to one post I found, I found that the following subject line can be used to add a hidden tech note to a ticket (ticket #997 in this example):

Ticket:997 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:YES

I feel sure other actions and/or parameters can also be passed though. I’m mostly interested in how to change the status of a ticket (e.g. open, pending, resolved, closed, etc…) via an email. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Thanks Peter. I definitely think adding support for the priority field would be a good idea. I was thinking about this because I'd like the customer to be able to flag urgent issues and then possibly trigger a notification mail to a tech based on that. This could reduce constant disruptions for new tickets while still allowing for immediate notifications for urgent issues where we needed to interrupt our other work for the new urgent issue.

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