VNQM SIP statistic diagram


I have added many Cisco 4431 voice gateway in Solarwinds VNQM and want to use prefstack to show the SIP trunk to PSTN utilization.

In the diagram, there is a voip sip gateway statistic can choose, and under it has 6 items including success, redirect, fail, etc

When drag the for example success to the diagram, it shows a number, but I am not sure is it the number of success message (200), or that is the bandwidth used by success message, and the number is not matching to the command "show call active voice" in the router.

Would anyone please help?

Or would anyone please recommend any method to create a report or diagram to show how many calls of the SIP trunk handled in a period of time, I tried to drag the in/out call record from the dial-peer in prefstack but it shows 3 to 5 calls of a office in a month which is not make sense.

Finally, I have add a widget of voip interfaces in a voice gateway summary page, but I am not sure why all the voice gateway in different office still showing the voip interfaces detail of the same voice gateway, for example, no matter router 1, 2, 3, 4 are all showing voip interfaces of router 1.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Terry Chow