VNQM - Consolidation of CUBE call statistics

Hello all,

Can anyone point me in the correct direction that may explain where i can consolidate call statisctis for multiple CUBE SIP trunks into one view?

Essentaill we have 3 CUBE instances wich if I drill down to the relevent dial-peer I can see the call stats but am wanting something where all can be seen on one view as a total Enterprise view (so to speak).

So in other words, one window where I can see all chosen dail peers in one view.

Any halp much appreciated!

  • There may be better ways but this is how I do it:

    1) Open Voip GatewayTrunk Call Activity on PerfStack for any of the CUBEs
    2) On the Mertic Palette click Add Entities
    3) Switch to VoIP Gateway SIP Trunk and select dial peers you need to add. Click Add Selected Items
    4) Expand VOIP Gateway SIP Trunk and click on each of the items underneath it
    5) On the right expand VoIP Gateway SIP Trunk Call Activity for the selected item and drag the dial peer onto the graph
    6) Continue with adding other items as needed

  • Hello, yes, have managed to do that but the issue is that it does not show a "total" for all SIP dial peers.

    So for example, if we have 4 sip trunks, and let’s say they are currently have 5 calls each established. Opposed to seeing 4 individual graph lines showing 5 calls each, but maybe a way to add a line for total (e.g. to show 20 active calls).

    I so hope there is a solution