MoS Score Reporting

Has anyone created a report based on CDRs for MoS (scores) in SW?    I'm going through the reporting tool and see that you can make other charts, but have a need to be able to take a phone or a region and create a report where we can see MOS Trends.  We have some diverse locations and get reports of poor phone quality and want to have a report that shows at least what the CDRs are tell us.  

We have our 11.6 cluster added to SWs and CDRs and uploaded to SWs.  

  • OK, bear with me, I think I get what you want, but I am also new to VNMQ, I have call managers in but no gateways yet. I have had Orion for years. 

    If I were building a report, I would start with filtering like this for MOS. 


    Then I would grab the columns I care about after you add the custom table. 


    And you will likely want something close to this for the report, you can see that I am grouping my region name and device name, and them dateTime, and sorting the MOS ascending. Feel free to adjust as you need to. 


    I did format the MOS like this:


    And you will be able to select a timeframe


    The report looks like the one below, with bad MOS score calls groups, but you could set that column to count them also, and sort however it makes sense. 


    Does that get you started at least? 

  • Thanks so much.  Based on your assistance, I was able to get a basic report.  Now, is there a way to take a report like that and turn it into a chart?  

  • Mos_Chart.JPG

    When I try the same steps and choose "Chart" instead of table - I end up here with nothing.  

  • There are ways to chart things, the easiest is Prefstack, the orange link below. After you save and name it, it appears in the list of widgets you can add to a dash.