VNQM packet loss and RTT monitor with single ended IP SLA?

I have a 3rd party that I connect with that I need to monitor RTT and packet loss on.  The setup is basically this:

3750X -> 3rd party router

Currently when we are experiencing an issue I have to go on the 3750X and source ping addresses on their network to confirm what I can get to.  I have setup an icmp-echo IP SLA on the 3750X to test monitoring, and it seems to be working well.  I added the monitor into VNQM in Solarwinds and I can see my RTT being graphed.  However it does not appear that packet loss is being recorded.  I did some digging around on Thwack and found that for an icmp-echo IP SLA the RTT is the only data that is gathered.  Packet loss / successes are not recorded.  I can only do single ended IP SLAs, because the 3rd party does not support setting up IP SLAs on their equipment.

Basically I am looking for a way to gather RTT and packet loss from my 3750X to the 3rd party router.  Any ideas?