VoIP v2 Beta Program

The VoIP v2 Beta program is scheduled to start up very soon!  Some of the highlights for the next release are as follows:

  • Manual call path configuration
  • Ability to set call paths to run lifetime
  • Multiple VoIP Poller support
  • Additional CallManager SNMP data collection and graphing
  • CallManager Alerts
  • Updated Gauges and the ability to choose desired gauge
  • Improved scalability

If you are interested in joining the VoIP Beta program, simply post a reply to !!

Haley Oyler
Product Manager
  • Haley - is the version 2 going to include CCM D-Channel status alerts? I've written a post about it from an Orion standpoint but have not seen a response. This is imperative as the gateways might be re-registering to the subscriber/publisher due to some other, non-VoIP issue; making the CCM think the PRI is down.