Source and Destination IP

I had our ISP setup Orion VoIP for us becuase they designed the VoIP infrastructure for us. We noticed that when we installed and configured Orion VoIP monitor that it's running the tests and monitoring the wrong IP addresses. We are on a Frame network and we have the voice calls going down different IP addresses. See below for the exact question:




One thing that will probably need to be adjusted to get more accurate info is the source and destination IP addresses that solarwinds configures for the jitter tests.  For example, the SLA test that it configured on Siebenthaller router is:

Target address:

Source address:


This isn’t using the IP addresses configured for voice, so the QoS parameters that we’ve setup aren’t coming into play.  If Solarwinds can be tweaked to put the proper IP’s in there, that would solve the problem.  Otherwise, adjusting the IP address of the object, or creating a separate object with the voice IP may need to be done.

  • VoIP Monitor will use the IP addresses entered in Orion when configuring the VoIP Call Paths.  I recommend double-checking the IP addresses specified in the Orion System Manager.  If you need to change the IP addresses within Orion for any VoIP Sites, VoIP Monitor will wait till the IP SLA operations expire (1 hour from last poll) before recreating the new call paths with the new IP addresses.  If you want to speed up the process, you can remove the devices as Sites within VoIP Monitor and then add them in again.