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over 1 year ago

Map view context enhancement

When selecting one (or multiple) objects in the map view and then clicking "Context," it would be preferable to have the associated objects highlighted instead of removing non-associated objects. For example, if I wanted to compare which hosts are connected to certain datastores, it would be great to just be able to select each datastore and click Context to find the discrepancies.

  • tomaddox​ - Any chance you can share a visual (screenshots)?  I want to be sure I am understanding the exact behavior you are looking for.  The contextual sub-views should have a muting feature which will visualize the immediate relationships on the canvas, and you also have the filters in the Inspector Panel which can filter as well.

    The muting would occur based on hover like the below example.  Apologies for the minimal lab environment.


    When clicking on the object, the Inspector Panel would change to the context of your selection.  Within this tool, you have the option to use the "Show" to filter on a specific entity type.



    If you could provide a bit more detail around what you would preferably like to see, I would appreciate it!  Thank you for the feedback!