Localization for Japanese

In the On-Demand Report > Chargeback, we can set the cost rate as "dollars".

But, it should be "円" (in Kanji) or "YEN" here in Japan.

The Chargeback configuration dialog and EC2 cost dashboard can be modified as using "円" instead of "$".

It should be not only replacing "$" simply by "円" but also changing sequence of the words.

With VMan 5.0.3, I changed a system property - Currency Unit - from "$" (default) to "YEN".

But the Chargeback configuration dialog still showed "$" even after I restarted the VMan.

Further, the EC2 dashboard reflected "円", but the sequence of words were incorrect;

there was "円 500" rather than it should be "500 円".

(three screenshot files are attached.)

support case ID: 378605