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include in email alert the link to the alert definition.

Hi all,

it would be great, especially during testing period of a new alert to have directly the link to the alert definition, in the mail notification.

looks like lazy but can be very efficient to my opinion.

  • as Chris indicated, this feature is available on VMAN on Orion.

  • Gildas

    Thanks for the comment!  You can actually do this today when using web based alerting in Orion.  Make sure your VMAN is integrated with an existing Orion (SAM/NPM) instance or download the stand alone Orion Module from the customer portal to integrate with VMAN.

    1. When you edit the alert in Orion select Trigger actions

    2. Edit the email trigger action and select insert variable under the message field.

    Screenshot 2015-07-28 14.26.53.png

    3. Select Alerts under Show Variable for: & then select Alert Details URL from the variables and select insert variable

    Screenshot 2015-07-28 14.45.41.png

    4The variable will show up as ${N=Alerting;M=AlertDetailsUrl}  in the message body details of the alert and will provide link back to the alert in the email generated when the Alert trigger is fired.