Closing this as it is related to the old VMAN appliance which is no longer supported.

FEATURE REQUEST - Showback dashboard for Hyper-V


I see that the Showback dashboard can show us a widget such like "VM CPU Utilization VMware folder."

But since the "folder" feature is specific to VMware, such the widgets are useless for Hyper-V.

The Showback dashboard/widgets should support the Hyper-V too.

I do not yet have any idea which can be used in Hyper-V instead of the folder in VMware (since I am not the Hyper-V guy),

therefore I am pleased if anyone provide such the field available in Hyper-V.

In addition, It is also true for the "Chargeback" On-Demand Report.

The Chargeback report require the 'Field to summarize by", such like "" .

We can select the "" when we want to show the chargebacks per the folder.

I would like to have such the field in Hyper-V, too.

SolarWinds support case number: 378604