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Different Roles and Permissions for the Storage Resource Monitor Module and the Virtualization Manager Module


we are using multiple SolarWinds modules in one single SolarWinds environment and we would like to have the ability to let users work on SRM and VMAN settings/thresholds without giving them full admin rights to the whole SolarWinds environment.

Maybe it is possible to design the Roles and Permissions part similar to the IPAM module.


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  • Good enough.  Just wanted clarification.

  • Thanks for asking, KMSigma.

    Do you know if this something which is already on the SolarWinds roadmap or if there is any other way to achieve what we are looking for?

  • You can use account limitations and only grant access to specific portions of your environment based on user account (Orion Groups is also nice for this).  But I think that I'd like this feature request to stay as is because you're asking about more granular rights.  As far as the roadmap, I can't speak to specifics, but you can always review the What We're Working On page for the latest updates.

    And please continue to submit and vote on Feature Requests - the more details in the FR the better.

    Each product forum has their own FR pages, so be sure to go to the proper place when submitting/voting.  Check to see if someone already has one and vote it up.  If not, then please be encouraged to write your own - just provide some specifics for what you'd like so the Product Managers and Development Teams know what you'd like to see in product updates.