over 1 year ago

Business Hours or special hours option for Alerts

Especially for nigth time,VMAdmins want to get only true and critical alerts from VMAN. so We need to add business hour option to alerts

as WHERE clause value. This option will be a good feature I think.

  • This functionality is also available by leveraging the VMAN 6.1 integration with NPM/SAM and using the Advanced Alert Manager's "Time of Day" fields.

  • Hi, there's an option to take business hours into consideration.

    1. simpler solution

    - on Criteria tab, "Base Alert On" pane use this xpath: "hours-from-dateTime(/virtualMachine/perfDate)"

    - on Criteria tab, "Triggers On" set a time range


    2. example of more complex option (setting of working hours 11:20 to 11:40)

    - on Criteria tab, "Base Alert On" pane use this xpath: "if((substring(substring-after(/virtualMachine/perfDate,"T"),1,5) >= "11:20") and (substring(substring-after(/virtualMachine/perfDate,"T"),1,5) <= "11:40")) then 1 else 0"

    - on Criteria tab, "Triggers On" set Greater Than 0


    Note 1: replace the underlined virtualMachine text with hostServer, datastore, cluster or applicationService depending on Item Type of the alert

    Note 2: evaluation of such alert may be longer than usual, especially for users having bigger environment

    Note 3: it's just a hint, exact settings depend on definition of alerts etc.

  • you can do this currently w/ advanced sql alerting