OrionSDK - is there a way to list Unmonitored Nodes (via powershell) in "Virtualization" tab. These are shown in 'Italics' in the GUI?

Basically the title. We don't pay for VMAN, it's just the basic functionality included by default, I am constantly going into the virtualization tab:


...and finding virtual machines or hosts that have been created, but haven't been added to Solarwinds.

I know you might say "just setup a discovery on network segments you care about and add nodes automatically" We're not allowed to do this in our environment, security refuse to allow us to scan subnets, so i am forced to just add nodes manually...

This is exceedingly frustrating as a i feel like a gigantic "add all unmonitored nodes" button wouldn't be too hard for Solarwinds to implement..but in the absence of that, is there any powershell i could run via the OrionSDK that would list these nodes that aren't being monitored?

Doing it manually (i.e. expanding every.single.one. of the collapsed arrows to find all the hundreds of nodes in Italics, and then filtering them in excel so that you only list nodes in Italics) is immensely time consuming and not something i thought i would be doing in 2022 >_>

Should be noted, that we already use a powershell script when virtual machines are built via Orchestrator, but evidently some people in our environment are using Vmware templatse or more generally are just not building machines via the official process...*shakes fist*

Anyway, please help if you can ... calling on @ cause i see you post all the time and you're super helpful with OrionSDK related stuff Slight smile

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