Can a VM Manually Go Through a Recommendation Scheduled Process?

We are running the latest version of Solarwinds HCO which includes VMAN. We have both VMware and Hyper-V environments, but my question here is on Hyper-V (if it makes a difference). We love the Recommendations feature, and scheduling VM upgrades. Is there a way to manually schedule an upgrade through this feature, where it will shut down the VM, increase the number of CPUs (for example), and power it back on? I have a VM that displays in the Nodes that it is running 91% CPU, and I would like to schedule a CPU upgrade for this VM. There has not been a Recommendation appearing for this VM. (Our hosts have plenty of resources, so adding additional CPUs would not be a problem for us.) Is there a way to do this through VMAN? Thanks for your input and assistance!