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VMWare Minimum Recommendations Threshold

In looking at our VMWare recommendations, we show that we have a lot of overallocated VMs. 

The CPU utilization on VM xxxx has been lower than the minimum threshold for more than 95% of the time.


The CPU utilization on VM xxx has an average of 5.04% for the last 4 weeks. This is an over-allocated VM which has resources that can be reclaimed.


Decrease the number of CPUs on VM xxx from 8 to 2 CPUs so as to free up resources for other VMs on this host.

These "warning" and "critical" thresholds seem appropriate to identify underallocated VMs, but I can't imagine that "Warning" level is the minimum being used for the overallocated ones. I'm wondering where that "minimum threshold" value is stored and whether that is configurable? All the doc I've found just points me at the Virtualization Global Thresholds.

  • Well, I found the threshold as it is reported in recommendations debug logging. For CPUUsageMHz and ConsumedMemoryLoad, it is "not higher than 30% during 95% of analyzed time". It is configurable in the Orion Advanced Configuration as OverallocationStrategyUtilizationThreshold.