A daily report/page of VMs and status per ESXi Hosts per vCenter site.

Hi Gang!

Apologies for my complete lack of ignorance here! While we do have a SolarWinds deployment, I've not yet had to touch it and recently just started playing with it.

We have several vCenter deploys with each having several ESXi nodes. Each ESXi has several VMs that are fixed in place. DRS is not enabled due to vendor requirements. We do however use VMware HA to facilitate the VMs getting back online without manual intervention. The issue we face is after a HA event, we need to vMotion VMs back to their original ESXi hosts.

The problem is documentation falls behind and it turns out that several VMs existed but were not documented. We also managed to lose the logs so can't exactly refer back to them in order to move VMs back to their original ESXi host. 

I wish to achieve something along the lines of a daily report. The daily reports accumulate and are be deleted after n days. In event of another failed ESXi host, we could refer to the report to determine exactly what VMs were in the original ESXi host and along with their state of being powered on or off.  

Is this something I could utilise the reporting capability to achieve? 

Many thanks for your time and effort!


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