windows server 2022- Hyper-v monitoring


i can not monitor windows server 2022 with hyper-v role install as well as windows server 2019 with VMAN 2019.

there are a lot of lack of information.

here is 2 example of windows server 2019 and 2022 that i add to solarwinds.!ArflQPjgP6jErkjASE8dZf-c5pGS?e=kAfL7d

i install solarwinds VMAN 2020.2.6 evaluation version but still windows 2022 hyper-v do not show more 

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  • thanks for your reply

    i do not think it's relate to Firewall configuration. i have all asset inventory Information and they are correct. 

    for test i turning the firewall off. no change happen. 

    i host details summary page i receive  "HOST STATUS : Could Not Poll"

    still no improvement.  

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